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Monday - Thursday:  5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Our Mission:
To relay the importance of movement and exercise through gymnastics
with skillful staff, teaching gymnasts skills and lead-up skills with
encouragement and fun without waiting in lines.

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Gymnastics offers something different for each child. Balance,
agility, strength, precision, flexibility, the ability to hang, swing, and
climb like a monkey.   The chance to take your body and put it upside
down then back upright.  Gymnastics can have lifelong results, which
include core strength, fitness, self-discipline, confidence, and other
important values to sustain a healthy child.
Children today have hundreds of activities available for their
enjoyment. They can choose from video games and television programs
to sports and music activities. Unfortunately, not all of the choices
are as beneficial to their well-being as gymnastics.
As an after-school activity, gymnastics has been growing dramatically
in popularity each year, and with good reason. Parents are becoming
increasingly more aware of the sportís health and educational value,
while children just want to keep up with an activity that helps them
feel good about themselves, both physically and emotionally.
Gymnastics at both the recreational level as well as the competitive
level is made up of many skills that children of all abilities can enjoy.
There is a challenge of learning new and exciting skills each time they
attend class. The acquisition of new skills and the increased ability to
have control over their own bodies gives them confidence in
themselves which cannot be matched.
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